Tui - a threatened song bird native to Aotearoa/New Zealand

“Life shrinks or expands

in proportion

to one’s courage”  

Anais Nin

We are infinite unlimited Star Seeded Creator Beings!


You may have not have thought of yourself as a Starseed but at one level we all are. It's about being activated into realising who you are and why you came here right now.

Especially those of us who are consciously trying to work out our Soul's journey on this challenging planet! Each of us has their unique piece of the puzzle and once we get together so much of the big picture falls into place. 

My piece is about communication and sharing my journey in a way that validates and activates you and shines a light on just how amazing you are!

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Often funny, surprising and sometimes confronting my memoir covers over 50 years of my conscious multidimensional Starseed spiritual  journey. There are many interconnected stories covering a number of different timelines, all of which weave together and demonstrate how you too, can make sense of your own experiences. 

The memoir relates the adventures resulting from my exploration into the unknown guided by my soul and the determination to make sense of my role on Earth. I talk about cult membership, how past lives and our genetic lines affect us now, learning discernment, healing abuse and co-dependency, mind control, ET contact, cosmic adventures and more.

I share how I learned  to listen to my soul’s messages and work out what they mean, integrate with my higher self, and move into an abundant and joyful life.

I wrote this book to share the magic of my life in the hope it will encourage you to look at your own life in a new way.  

We live in very challenging times and we all need clarity about who we are and why we came here. And the courage to understand and live the truth about human life and purpose.



 'I think given your gift to look at your life the way you have in your book you have an amazing ability to take life, look at the major guideposts and help others navigate their journey with pivotal remembrances helping connect to their true essence, opening up to experiencing and contributing to the new human paradigm. ' 


S. K. Canada


'I just finished reading your book and wanted to thank you for your courage to tell your story and your willingness to share it with this world!  Many times I was to tears as I read due to my inner resonance with your story.  I feel you are a wise Soul Sistar! …. I just wanted you to know how deeply I resonated with your life experiences, inner and outer, that your book was affirming for me as well as a catalyst for further healing and that is what I want you know.  I am grateful for what you have shared.  I am hopeful that one day I will be inspired and guided to the manner that is appropriate for me to share more of my own wisdom from my life  experience.'





The journey of a Starseed, the book is available in either print or Ebook version.




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In the book I share some of my experiences some years ago with the Arcturians, an advanced ET race..

The Arcturians love this image

“The great shift in consciousness happening at this time is not neat and tidy or linear. There is an interpenetration of higher frequencies from the core of the galaxy intermingling with the existing energies," said Baa-Ay-Li.**

"We chose a favourite image of yours from your old home on the hill. You saw the ‘islands in the mist’ as the fog shrouds the valley in winter. The peaks show through the fog, and eventually, it clears, and the islands return to being hills under a clear blue sky. Imagine this happening at the same time and to all aspects of self. These are the times of transition, and you will become adept at moving through with ease and grace.”


**Baa-Ay-Li is the spokesperson for a group of highly concious Arcturian beings who are part of my multi-dimensional star family. My conversations with them are included in my book Beyond Belief.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Mind Control

One of my themes in Beyond Belief is the growing use of mind control and how I learned about it through my own experiences from the 1960's onwards, initially through my love of live music. 

In chapter 29 I describe realising that music was being used to program the minds of  individuals or groups of people including whole generations. Mind control is much more advanced today with advances in technology.

Here I'm quoting a conversation between two researchers:


D: How does Harmonic programming work?

M: Everything on the planet vibrates at a specific frequency. When harmonics change that frequency, e.g. A crystal glass, it will shatter. Consider how a favourite song evokes certain feelings and sentiments. The harmonics responsible for inspiring such emotions are vibrating the neuron pathways of the brain. This is why an old favourite song can stir memories such as ‘we fell in love to that song’.

Harmonics have been perfected to deliberately vibrate neuron pathways to compartmentalise memory in MK-Ultra programming. Laboratories developing electronic mind control techniques in the 70s and 80s referred to the application of harmonics as brain training. Just because harmonics are more advanced technologically does not mean they advanced further into the being.

Harmonics still can’t penetrate the light and touch the spirit.

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

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This newly revised Ebook covers many topics and tools which are essential for Starseeds. There is so much information and misinformation out there on the internet today it is essential to have a few signposts on the path. For example, discernment is the most basic tool to develop in order to stay on track and this requires a deep knowledge of grounding, self protection, self-empowerment and the healing of soul wounds.  Other topics include galactic history, our many families, the new children, disclosure and expanding our level of perception of who we are and why we are here. 

There are messages from a variety of Star beings and real life questions and answers taken from Patty's work with Starseeds over the years.






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