What am I blogging about?

The themes are a deliberate attempt to be a reminder of what is unique and powerful about our human perceptions. The experiences I describe are not possible without higher consciousness. AI or TI (technical intelligence) cannot do this.

The first series is about some of my encounters with the natural world and my personal responses.

In Defence of Beauty - Whales

Photo Courtesy HB Mertz Unsplash


I no longer watch the mainstream news. But I saw a headline by chance online recently. It read something like 'Japanese kill 120 pregnant whales for scientific research'.

I did not click on the headline as the pain in my heart, soul, mind and gut nearly caused me to throw up. I ranted to myself in my head. How did an ancient civilised society with such fine sensibility end up being able to justify this slaughter? Yes we know they are proud warriors with a savage streak. We know they herd and murder dolphins annually. But surely for such sensitive nature lovers, the majesty and beauty of the whales would be respected as the ancient wisdom carriers and royalty of the ocean. I read somewhere once that it's not even about eating whale meat but national pride.

Whales are sacred to me as they are for many ancient peoples. Yes they would kill a whale for food, oil and blubber but not for some distorted sense of national identity. It's not just about the Japanese, all societies are destructive towards nature in some way. It's about warped human values twisted away from seeing themselves as part of the natural world.

This time my own warrior self rose up and I needed to take action. I went to a whale watching beach and broadcast a message to the ocean where the mothers were making their annual journey to give birth. I sang and sent love to the bereaved families wherever they were. The message came back to me that some of the souls were trapped and needed help. The beach was crowded so I drove somewhere quiet and toned and sang to the souls of the whale mothers and babies.

Suddenly I had an intense vision as I became aware of the awful scene with Japanese whalers. The souls of the whales were trapped in the trauma of their brutal death. I merged with them in forgiveness, love and letting go. At once I saw sparkling gold light filled with flashes of irridescent gem colours. Then the souls large and small passed up and out, mothers and babies side by side dipping and dancing in an ocean of light.

They were free.

Photo courtesy Unsplash

In Defence of Beauty - Dogs

I love this photo. To me it captures the essence of dog. Noble, patient, loyal, on guard, staunch. I have no idea who he is but know this is a dog who is understood and loved. I'm calling him Rusty. He's not a wus. As a regular dog and a very rare cat sitter I've met mainly baby substitutes. As a childless person, believe me I get it. We even call them the fur babies. Well, they're not. They are not human, they are animals, look at Rusty he's part of the natural environment. I have learned this lesson more than once as it's a difficult one.

My last dog Flossie was sixteen when she died. I committed the baby substituter's greatest sin by keeping her alive past her allotted time. There was even a warning this was so when a young feral dog leapt over the fence and tried to take her down as she huddled in my yard, incontinent and nearly blind. I have looked after dogs in worse states than this as owners squeeze the last vestiges of unconditional love from their pets. For of course that's part of it. Rusty embodies this in bucket loads. He is love incarnate, committed to someone for life and we respond with longing from the part of us that is filled with conditional love but yearning for more.

I had the great good fortune to share Flossie's final weeks with my family of Arcturian Star Beings. I write about this in detail in my book 'Beyond Belief-Transcending the New Age', but here's an excerpt. (They call me My-Ya.)

“Please feel our healing love at this time. We know how much you and other humans love your pets and it saddens us to observe that for many humans it is your only experience of unconditional love in your lifetime. We also know you are now aware of other forms of unconditional love which may offer you comfort. It is an honourable thing you do My-Ya, her soul will release like a puff of wind as she passes for healing and repair before her next journey.

This letting go will allow you to move on too. You have discharged all your duties of care in the most honourable way possible. She offered her life in selfless devotion to you; it is your turn to pay back by being strong. If she was living in the wild, she would have been taken down by a younger animal. You are offering her a much more compassionate form of release from her body.”


In Defence of Beauty - The Desert

Deserts have played a pivotal role in human history. It is no accident that three of the major religions were born in the starkness of the desert. While I was a university student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, I was privileged to attend the lecture of a world-famous scholar of religious studies. He described eloquently how Judaism, Christianity and Islam were more than the religions of the book and how were born from the interaction of humans with the austerity and purity of the desert. His words held a packed lecture theatre entranced and deeply touched my soul. The desert is a place of testing the human spirit but also of encountering the unseen.


Some years later I attended a healing workshop in the desert in Israel in a former kibbutz. During one of the breaks I was able to wander alone and out of sight of the buildings. It was not silent, a diesel generator throbbed in the distance, and occasional fighter planes roared overhead. Despite the noise, I felt the stillness, and as I walked further along the faint path into the dunes, I realised I was not alone. Delicate, invisible threads of energy surrounded and stroked me. I had met one of the beings of the desert but felt safe, nurtured and uplifted.


That night I sat around a bonfire with a group of Israelis and other visitors. The Israelis were all warriors but also sensitive healers; when I shared my story I was understood, and we sat together in silence for a while beside the crackling fire, under the vastness of the stars.


I was changed by that experience, and almost exactly twenty years later I had a lucid dream. An Israeli soldier came to me and explained to me he is one of my parallel soul aspects and needs my conscious help and support. We looked into each other's eyes feeling our love and unity. His heart aches with the pain of what he has to do to the Palestinians and can no longer bear it alone. He cannot say anything, but his soul is suffering. Like the people I shared the bonfire with all those years ago he is fiercely patriotic and loyal and believes in Israel and the chosen people to a degree way beyond my understanding but not beyond my love.


In Defence of Beauty - Trees

Photo courtesy Rob Mulally Unsplash


It's time to acknowledge beauty. Today's world has so much negativity and darkness it is important to pause and look around for the beauty we need to feed our souls. Let's start with trees. Many years ago, while living in the UK, I used to take the train into London from my home in suburban Surrey. To get to the platform I passed a row of small trees. My life at the time was framed by the seasons reflected in those hardy little specimens of the natural world as I watched them go from bud to golden leaf fall. 

One summer day to my horror I saw they had been slashed and hacked from full leaf into little more than stumpy skeletons. Through the tears of an empath, I decided to spend the following weeks passing them with my eyes closed so as not to feel their pain so acutely. The day I came to my senses and faced the fear I looked at them again. To my surprise they were once again whole and leafy. Trite though this example may seem it has remained with me as there are several important truths in there.

The most obvious is that everything changes and flows, nothing stands still and we do so at our peril. A more sinister truth for me stems from the fact that most humans do not value trees. They may gaze at and praise them for their glory and even plant a few but they have no idea they are sentient beings with huge energy and a powerful influence on the environment. Their beauty goes way beyond how they look and they contribute 50% of the oxygen we breathe. We, who do know about them, are continually faced with the destruction wrought upon trees and have the eyes to witness their steady loss to our environment and thus the wellbeing of the human race in general. 

Have you noticed there are few to no whole trees or plants in the dystopian futuristic AI dominated worlds portrayed in movies and on TV? Sometimes there are a few smouldering stumps or skeletal remains pointing into the darkness but that's it. Remember the scene in Avatar where they blew up the magnificent tree? That scene made the movie ultimately unbearable to watch for me as it represented the triumph of anti-life forces over the beauty of the natural world.

Today whole forest's worth of healthy trees are being felled in the UK along the railway lines, ostensibly to stop leaves on the lines but to my mind it's really to facilitate the transmission of 5G signals which are so weak they need boosters and a clear path. When I travelled on British railways, leaves on the line were an issue for a few days each year and were dealt with by the English with the commonsense  assistance of a special machine or something similar.  Trees had already been cleared to about 15 metres from the lines. So why do they suddenly all have to go? Facilitating the path of potent and dangerous EMF signals and in the process destroying yet more beauty. It's just the beginning if we allow it.

Does beauty need defending? It certainly does and it's up to us to acknowledge, protect and celebrate it.