About me

Live, laugh and flow and life will unfold

In New Zealand, as a child,  I had interactions with unseen beings, the natural world and lucid past life memories. Later I had encounters with Maori elders, many visions and other experiences triggered by the powerful energies and my deep connection to the land of New Zealand.  

My conscious soul journey began in the 1960s in Auckland, New Zealand.  Years of spiritual learning and growth followed with a variety of adventures in several countries including the UK, where I lived for many years.  I met inspiring people, explored cults and encountered a variety of beings seen and unseen. In the late 1980s, I moved to Australia and remained there for nearly 30 years. In 2019 my homeland called me and I am now living in New Zealand again.

My formal education included an MA (Hons) in English language and literature which developed and refined my writing skills and further ignited a life long passion for writing and communication. I have also studied several modalities of natural healing, traditional counselling and psychotherapy. These disciplines now form the background to my work as a communicator and mentor.

Over time, I realised I am, like all humans, an unlimited divine being and I am here to be a living bridge to the higher dimensions and to help others awaken to the memory of who they are. 



What I do

The purpose of my writing is related to my role as an Awakening Coach,* and is to offer clarity and simplicity about higher dimensional information to those who are interested.  Using my own experience as a baseline, I help people understand what is happening to them,  encourage them to grow their discernment and feel at peace with the often daunting challenges we all face. I love to talk, share, encourage and above all inspire anyone who has become aware of their multi-dimensionality and wants to make a difference in our world. For some time I worked online for a large US New Age blogsite, assisting a cross-section of mainly young people in various stages of spiritual awakening. Most of them believe they are connected to the Star Beings. I provided channelled replies to questions sent to me through. I have used many of these questions and answers in my books as they are a valuable resource.  I also work with my Galactic Guidance Team in individual online spiritual counselling sessions. These beings have been seen by several mediums and once described as a “heavenly choir of beautiful very high vibrational beings” (Tracey Minehan – Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher www.sacredspirit.net.au ) By the way, I don't call my Star Family 'Aliens', there's too much negativity deliberately attached to the word. Plus it's not accurate, we are all Star Beings maybe just not yet aware of it.    * An Awakening Coach helps people remember who they are and what they came here to do. Through conversation and sharing of experiences and personal stories, he or she gently offers reflection and guides the person into a more conscious and balanced life.