From Surindur K - Toronto, Canada

I read Patty’s book over a weekend, I kept turning the pages wanting to know what was experienced next and seeing how Patty engaged with each pivotal episode. I had already ‘felt' into Patty by listening to discussions she and George Kavassilas had had, which are shared on his We Are Infinite website. I was eager to see how this insightful, well spoken and highly self aware person had unfolded. In her book Patty expertly leads the reader through her journey, the struggles, the breakthroughs and the ultimate connection back to Self and integration. The book resonated at a deep level with me. Here was someone with experiences to some extent polar opposite to mine, yet sharing what I’d experienced without even knowing it as such - a Transcendence of The New Age. No wonder I couldn’t put the book down - I was being led to understand that I’m not as alone as I feel at times.

From Andy A - Melbourne, Australia

I met Patty around four years ago in 2014. At that time I was heavily invested in the New Age and searching for meaning in both my spiritual and general life journey. I had read reasonably widely and transcended structured religion some time previously. What I needed was someone to help separate the wheat from the chaff and a coach to help me navigate the next step in my evolution. Patty has provided all of this and much more. She has been an educator, a mentor and sounding board. She can call me on my B.S. but in such a way that I never feel judged. She recognises the self-inflicted constraints in which I have chosen to grow. Encouraging me to step out of these, but never pushing beyond that which I can absorb. There is no one in this life’s journey who has assisted me more sustainably, tirelessly and graciously. Patty is the embodiment of the wisdom I am trying to integrate within myself and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking for assistance, in whatever form, on their journey to further awakening and living their fullest possible life.

From Martin S - Munich, Germany

(Translated from German) Your book Beyond Belief nails it on the head. I had the pleasure to meet Patty at a workshop at Byron Bay. I had been following the path of the New Age for many years and I could recognise the many different belief systems. At that time I was still too trapped and I had not enough information about the subtlety and the effect of the beliefs and how they function. During my stay in Australia, I was constantly being attracted to New Age groups and confronted by so many different beliefs. Fortunately, Patty with her deep knowledge and personal experience could get me step by step to a much higher consciousness and to bring me back into my own power. This has been one of my most important and intensive transformations of my life. She is Most loving and has unbelievable patience and most extraordinary ability to take me back into my own power. Your presence has infinite power! 


Der Buchtitel "Beyound Belief - Ascending New Age" trifft es auf den Punkt! Ich hatte das Glück Patty in einem Workshop in Byron Bay kennen zu lernen.  Ich war seit vielen Jahren  im "New Age" unterwegs und konnte bereits verschiedene Glaubenssätze erkennen.  Dennoch war ich noch viel zu sehr darin gefangen und hatte noch wenig Informationen wie subtil und effektiv die Glaubenssätze funktionieren.  Somit wurde ich  während meines Aufenthalts in Australien immer wieder von "New Age" Gruppen angezogen und mit verschiedensten Glaubenssätzen konfrontiert. Zum Glück konnte mich Patty mit Ihren unglaublichen tiefen Wissen und ihren persönlichen Erfahrungen Step by Step in ein höheres Bewusstsein und letztendlich in meine eigene Power bringen.   Es war einer meiner wichtigsten und intensivstenTransformationen in meinem Leben! Vielen lieben Dank für deine unglaubliche Geduld und deiner außergewöhnliche Fähigkeit den Menschen an die Hand zu nehmen und in Ihre Power zu bringen! Your presence has Power!

Belinda N. - Queensland, Australia

It’s very tricky to find your way through the matrix (both earthly and cosmic) when you try to do it alone. We need friends we can trust. For the past few years Patty has walked with me through tragedy and joy and everything between. I respect her insight, value her wisdom and love her wicked sense of humour. After some deep soul searching, I’m finally serving the world in ways that feel like a true expression of me… and I couldn’t have done it without her. Patty helps me navigate the remembering of who I am and what I’m here to do. She’s a tireless cheerleader when I need it most. And she reminds me (whenever I forget) that although freaky shit happens, I’m not crazy and dark chocolate always helps. I recommend Conversations with Patty without hesitation to anyone who’s looking for a safe space to share the stuff that’s too weird to tell your family. Belinda Noakes - Courage Coach