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As we move through the different stages of soul-guided life adventures, there comes a point where we start to remember who we are. In time we begin to realise that we are sovereign, divine and unlimited multi-dimensional Creator beings.  

We see our relationships from a new vantage point with the potential for mutual growth and expansion.   In my own experience there came a point where I felt a yearning for a deeper level of connection and interaction to support my expansion and exploration of these new levels of consciousness.  I was looking for soul based exchanges so I created my first online Soul Chat Group. 

After almost a year of spending time with this group, I realised these exchanges can be about anything that is currently important to the soul journey of those involved. It doesn’t have to be ‘spiritual’ yet it will always lead back to spirit. More often it is about integrating personal experience at all levels. There is also great value in listening and holding space, with love and respect, for someone else. Everybody gains, it builds trust and a sharing supportive community.

Here is what some members of this original group have to say:

“I have been involved in a weekly chat group with Patty French and 3 other individuals now for the better part of a year.  I knew of Patty and met with her a couple of times before joining the group she pulled together.  The connection has been amazing between us.  We’ve become ‘family’ with growth in so many aspects of our being.  We’ve held space, shared and innovated.  I cannot see the group disbanding in the immediate future - we’ll see where our journey takes us!” SK Toronto, Canada

“Before I started in the chat with our group I had a lot of jumbled thoughts constantly during the day but also inspiration and unanswered questions. I found myself circling and looping a lot, not being able to really find threads or common themes or knowing what it all meant. I jumped at the invitation into the group as I knew I needed that space to voice and share what I was going through at different levels, that was really hard to articulate to just anybody, my circle of friends would not have understood me. I was nervous at first but I found that everyone there was in the same place. It has really been an amazing experience for me to share. It's helped me uncover and resolve so many things, learn more about myself, feel validated, have a sense of surety. Patty can identify patterns, showing grace in the way that she holds the space for you to expose anything that might be perceived as negative. She has a beautiful way of turning that around and explaining and showing the benefit or the silver lining. She really is an amazing guide and facilitator of thought patterns, of the heart and emotions. it’s been incredible. She ties all these aspects together and it’s been incredible. I can't recommend Patty enough as a guide, a facilitator and mentor in this arena.” AB Terranora, Australia

“The chat group, led so ably by Patty, has provided me with an invaluable weekly opportunity to connect with like minded souls. In these catch ups, I feel comfortable to discuss my spiritual aspect and journey in an open, authentic and natural way. Especially as a guy, these golden nuggets of connection are so hard to find within my broader network. These calls keep me focused on my soul purpose and help ensure I don’t get sucked into the increasing ‘noise’, distractions and drama of everyday life. Being able to have these regular catch ups with the group has also provided new insights and perspectives that in turn have helped me progress on my journey. I would not be as spiritually healthy as I am today without them.” AA Melbourne Australia


At first, we will be meeting weekly, for between 1-1.5 hours using Zoom. I will moderate and assist with ground rules, but it's up to the group to decide how to proceed and how often to meet. It's your time and space to talk, share and decide the subject matter.  

Groups will be small (6 maximum) to allow for deep and meaningful dialogue with contribution from all.   We’ve lost so many forums of meaningful connectedness, my aim is to bring us together in community leaving the huge web of distractions for the time we meet.  


Depending on your time zone there will be two groups: one aimed at Australia/New Zealand and USA; the other at the UK and Europe. Final details will depend on who wants to be involved. 


Payment for these groups relies on trust and uses the heart based New Zealand Maori concept of Koha. Although sometimes described as a donation, to me koha is more of an affordable unconditional gift, with no expectations. It is often used at community and other events here.

What I like about it is that you are enabled to participate in the group with respect and dignity, regardless of your personal circumstances.

A suggested maximum amount will be around $AUS20 per session or equivalent in your currency.* 

I use a borderless payment system which makes it very easy to pay for most of you and I will supply you with full details when you decide to join. Some countries will require the use of Paypal.

*For example, depending on the exchange rate it is around $NZ 21.30 $US14.00, GBP $11, EUR 12.30



Please forward to friends and family who may be interested in joining such sessions.